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Mindful Art 

Intuitive Painting

Intuitive painting is the practice of meditating with a brush in your hand. Making art in this way is an amazing tool for discovering your joys, your fears, your wisdom, your self-talk and your blocks. 

This workshop is for people who would like to develop and explore their inner wisdom, trust their intuition and let go through creativity. You don’t need any previous painting skills, what you will need is to channel into your inner child, your soul calling and trust the process. 

Birth Art

Processing Your Journey 

Birth Art is an intuitive visual representation of what is going on to prepare for the birth of a new baby. 

Your birth art can help you understand how you envision birth at the deepest level. Like dreams, art can bring messages to the surface from the unconscious.

Birth Art can help women confront their fears with creative energy, and enrich the birth process by tapping deep inner resources.