My Bio

Bonjour, Welcome

Born and raised in the south east of France, after several years living in Europe, Africa and Middle East, for the past 5 years i have been living and painting in Houston, Texas.

I have been exposed to art at an early age, my grand parents were antique dealers and my great grand father Jean de Sperati is the most famous artist stamp forger in the world to date!

I'm a "life" painter who works from intuition and emotion. Spontaneous expression that is nonlinear and nonlogical instead of an intellectual exercise for technical perfection.

I paint who I am and how I feel, every painting contains a piece of my world. An organic expression of the complexity and beauty of my life experience.  

My preferred medium is acrylic and my favorite tools are my fingers and knifes. My pieces range from all different sizes and mostly on stretched canvas.


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