My Bio

Bonjour, Welcome

Born and raised in the south east of France, after several years living in Europe, Africa, Middle East, and more recently the USA, I have decided to relocate to the cooler climats of Scotland in 2020.

I'm a "life" painter who works from intuition and emotion. Spontaneous expression that is nonlinear and nonlogical instead of an intellectual exercise for technical perfection.

I paint who I am and how I feel, every painting contains a piece of my world. An organic expression of the complexity and beauty of my life experience.  

I utilise a holistic approach to help others in "the art of living". I work with different modalities to align your life force and keep your mind, body and spirit in balance.

I did not fall in love with yoga straight away it took me 15 years but as the say goes "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." I was ready; yoga found me.


As a Certified Yoga teacher trained in antenatal education, also as a Certified Holistic life Coach, and Reiki Master, I'm committed to offer educational, emotional support and help you find the connection with your body, mind  and spirit with a modern and playful attitude! So you could experience the many holistic benefits without it seeming too ‘mystical’ or unattainable. 

©2017 by Célia M Dargie
All work / art is Copyright owned by Célia M Dargie